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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Interesting things happen when I listen to podcasts.

Namely.... this guy--->

Last week, I was re-listening to some recent The Voice of Free Planet X episodes, and I got the strange urge to knit myself another lentil friend. Just in case, if you haven't checked out VOFPX yet, do it NOW. Yes, right NOW.
I'll wait for you.

Go on.

There. Now do you see how mind-blowingly fantastic this Jared Axelrod character is?

This new lentil friend of mine is Jacinto's younger brother. He is also an evil genius and none of you should be fooled by his guileless smile. He is terrible.

I used worsted-weight Patons merino in turquoise, which is rapidly becoming my favorite color.

I also wonder if there's anybody reading this.

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